2021 Wool Pool — June 14 - July 9

2021 Eastern New York State Wool Pool – APPOINTMENT ONLY, DROP-OFF ONLY

The 11th annual Southern Adirondack Fiber Producers Cooperative wool pool will continue to be a little different again this year as a result of on-going uncertainty around necessary COVID-19 precautions. Thanks for your understanding!

Here are the details:

Location: Battenkill Fibers, 2532 State Route 40, Greenwich, NY

Dates/times: Appointment only June 14 – July 9. Weekdays 8 am – 12 noon. CDC requirements in place.
Call 518-692-2700 to schedule appointment, ask for Karin. NO WOOL ACCEPTED WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT.

Prices: The same large national wool buyer we have worked with for many years is again offering “current market price” for the wool. In addition, we have a second buyer who is looking for LONGWOOL ONLY – WHITE OR NATURAL COLOR. This new buyer is still working on pricing, but it stands to be about 20-25% more than we have often seen for this fiber. If you have longwool, please plan to come this year; and bring everything you can!

2021 Coop membership fees (same as last several years): $5/farm for 50 pounds or less; $15/farm for over 50 pounds; and active 4-H members are free. Payable as deduction from your check.

Freight and storage charges: Will be deducted from your check at actual rate once we know the final weight/volume of the pool.

Bags: Sorry. CLEAR BAGS PREFERRED. We cannot save and return your empty bags. We have many on hand from previous years – you are welcome to take home anything we have.

Other fees: $.15/lb to cover supplies including baler bags, scale use, baling labor, administration and logistics coordination. Tall wool bags with 100 lbs or more of wool per bag will be shipped as is and handling fee is reduced to $.05/lb. We always welcome volunteer fiber skirters/sorters. If you are interested, please mention your availability when you call to schedule your drop off.

Payment: Probably not until October.

Classes of wool this year:

  1. Clean white medium wool at least 2-1/2” in length (like Dorset, Cheviot) ; 2. White offsorts including short and dirty fiber, and head and belly wool
  2. White longwool (like Romney, Cotswold)
  3. Natural color wool (medium and long)
  4. White fine wool MUST BE IN GOOD CONDITION (like Merino, Cormo)

Fiber quality requirements: The pool is accepting fiber from 2019, 2020, and 2021 shearing only. An ASI certified wool classer will determine classes and reserves the right to reject some or all of your clip.